Derek and Addison later on provided to give the relationship other are as well as restarted its relationship

Derek and Addison later on provided to give the relationship other are as well as restarted its relationship

Addison Forbes Montgomery [ ]

Derek and you will Addison found at the scientific university. They been relationships and was elizabeth a highly very respected doctor in her specialty and you may worked from inside the a private routine, like Derek and also the a couple resided together with her in Nyc. These people were comfortable monetary and you may owned a home throughout the Hamptons.

However, with time they grew apart. These people were one another paying a lot of time trying to build up its professional lives, which have Derek later saying he was never available for the lady and you may that they was indeed emotionally distant inside their individual lifetime. The strain added Addison to cheat with Derek’s companion, Mark Sloan. Derek found them and relocated to Seattle.

Addison discovered Derek a couple months after. She recognized a career in one hospital and you will are hoping they might strive to rescue its marriage out of 11 decades. This lady coming shocked Derek and his wife, Meredith Grey, while the she hadn’t recognized Derek are hitched.

In time, Addison realised you to definitely Derek is actually now crazy about Meredith and one she got screwed up their matrimony past resolve whenever she slept that have Draw. They later on provided to divorce case and you may stayed family. Derek went to their at the lady new personal routine in the La and you can she need him really along with his brand new matchmaking. It’s unknown how she coped that have Derek’s death.

Mark Sloan [ ]

Draw and you can Derek was close friends since youthfulness. ily history and you can are invited towards Shepherd family because the an excellent next boy. They went along to medical college or university with her. not, in the 2005, Derek receive Addison cheat that have Draw. He departed New york and in case these were reunited after the Mark’s coming within health he spent some time working on, he punched Mark. Draw was at the hospital in order to get together again with Addison, and this decrease because of.

Mark’s acceptance away from a career during the healthcare he worked at the given that Head away from Plastic surgery, enraged Derek, nonetheless remained professional and you can reach produce a relationship again. It later got into a battle whenever Derek revealed one Mark was finding Lexie Gray, his younger sister-in-law. The guy wished Derek to go away their by yourself and you may is actually distressed one to he hadn’t.

Over the years, Derek reach find out how a good urgent hyperlink Draw and you will Lexie had been together, and if Draw confided inside your that Lexie told him she was still in love with your, Derek recommended age method. Derek are troubled when Mark died, and was by the their top since his life support host are eliminated.

Amelia Shepherd [ ]

Derek is actually nearest to help you their youngest cousin, Amelia. They mutual the latest grief out-of enjoying its dad become take to so you can dying and that naturally had a deep apply at in it. They became estranged since the Amelia coped with the losses by taking pills. Derek receive the girl cooler whenever she stole their treatments pad to recover medication and you may grabbed an overdose. Derek protected her lifestyle even so they drifted apart this means that away from this lady procedures.

They certainly were reunited whenever she heard you to definitely Derek are attempt because of the Gary Clark. Derek was unhappy and you can made an effort to push the girl away. He provided the reason because the their earlier expertise in medication. Yet not, it later had a conversation in which they shared its problems regarding their dad’s passing, and he achieved an insight into as to why she took place the new route she performed. The guy told that he made an effort to cover-up his serious pain regarding the this lady and their father given that he wanted to cover her off revealing their pain. They reconnected and became closer.

Yet not, by the their next reunion, Amelia had relapsed and you can returned so you’re able to rehabilitation. Amelia need Derek to greatly help their for the case of Erica Warner that has a mind tumour. Derek forced the girl out once again and tried to encourage her so you’re able to exit the fact by yourself when he informed her this new tumour was impossible to lose. She forgotten your in which he offered to assist the woman as he realized she would never call it quits.